Purple Hairstreak

Been a disastrous summer for butterflies in and around Lincoln, heard the east coast is doing ok, south coast too!. Don’t know how Chambers Wood, near Bardney, is doing this year, but in previous years the Purple Hairstreak, Marbled White, and the White Admiral have been my pleasure to observe and record. Long before digital cameras, so no images, but yours are amazing! A blog well worthy of a reblog, thanks for sharing.

Nature Journeys

Favonius quercus

This was the first time I had ever laid eyes on this butterfly. I was on holiday in Torquay, and was walking along the cliff tops when I spotted it flitting amongst the Fennel blooms. I was hoping to catch a photo of it with its wings open for me, but alas it would not oblige. However, I was delighted to see such a beautiful underside.

This is Britain’s commonest hairstreak, and it is mainly found in oak woodland in the south. I was lucky to have glimpsed it, for they are not seen very often as they tend to keep to the tree canopy where they feed on honeydew. The caterpillars feed mainly on oaks (Quercus) of all kinds.

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Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

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