Vespa crabro the European Hornet


Right at the entrance to the nest.. I’ve found, through experience, that if you don’t harass hornets, even the social wasps, they wont bother you. As a rule of thumb hornets usually leave or return to the in ones and twos, more than that I give way. Sadly when I returned to the nest the following day the entrance had been blocked up with mud, and a few days later the tree was felled. On making enquiries I was inform that the hornets were a hazard to the public, and the tree too, as it was dying, and had been booked in for removal some weeks ago.. The tree to my eyes was flourishing, albeit it was slightly hollow.

Well all that was back in 2010, since then I have seen quite a few, but not another nest. This year, up to this date, 29th August 2016, just one, I did get a shot at it, but only myself would know it was a hornet. The only consolation is that I now know that there is a nest not to far away, so I might get lucky before it turns to cold, fingers crossed.

Micks Wildlife Macro Challenge #2

Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

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