Some Pleasing Butterflies


The last few year has been bad for the British butterfly population, heavy rain, cold spells, and gusty wind are not their favourite type of weather. This years summer, apart from spring, has been no different until the last few days of August. Albeit not in any great numbers, The most abundant being the whites, large and small, and the green veined. A few gate keepers, and holy blues, only two small skippers, no large or Essex, and no common blues or small coppers. Earlier in the season orange tips and were about, the former being quite abundant. The painted lady has been recorded close by, sadly not by me, and the peacock has shown its self on and off over the season. My big surprise was a clouded yellow, no photos, missed out twice, cried my eyes out, not really, I consoled myself with it be a first time observation in my garden, on purple loosestrife. I am going to have to find my note book as all of the above was done from memory, and I have no positive recollection of the ringlet, mmm, just cant remember. So some images ,which I will add to as and when.

Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

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