Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge: Feathers

I thought I knew how this feather got into my garden, but asking my cat, its reply was, "me, how"?  Or maybe I misunderstood it?

Pigeon Feather

Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge: Feathers


Author: Mick Talbot

Besotted with nature in all its wondrous formats.

4 thoughts on “Cee’s Foto Fun Challenge: Feathers”

    1. Thank you,
      Glad you found the ‘me, how?’ funny, it was the second time I got that response from my cat, first time was when I found I had locked myself out of the house. Shouted the cat through the letter box, asked to pop the keys through, only to get the same response. ME! HOW? Whoosh I’m out’a here.
      Take care, best wishes to you and your kin,

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