Exit Brexit | What’s Happening to Democracy?

Apparently it is now being said by certain MP’s, (those that didn’t, and still don’t agree that the UK should leave),  that the referendum on whether the UK should remain or exit the European Common Market, was in fact not an actual vote of commitment, eh?! (Before I continue, I must state that I voted to remain based on how l was led to believe that leaving would be detrimental to the UK’s national security, and the economy, indeed those were, and still are my feelings). Surely this is an attempt to close the proverbial door after the horse has bolted. Indeed the whole campaign was portrayed as a stay, or  leave choice, no hint at it being an exercise in just getting the feelings of the public.

To me, and I think to all, the fact that parliament were not in any sense prepared for the result they got, meaning  they genuinely  thought that  the result was going to be a ‘remain’ in the ECC, they didn’t have a plan ‘B’, a big and irresponsible mistake. Indeed as a result of their incompetence both they and the country are now suffering the consequences. Sadly, even had they a plan ‘B’ their bias toward  staying in would still result in the on going shenanigan’s. Now had parliament  been in favour of ‘Brexit’ then I am sure Article 50 would of been invoked* as soon as the end result was known, with no biased high court  rulings to the contrary.  * Ratification, would of course  followed the applicable criteria.

My feeling on MP’s acting on a judgement by the high court, (which I also think is based on a bias point of view), is tantamount to abusing their parliamentary privilege’s in disregarding the choice of the majority of the British public, democracy gone wrong!

A group of MPs from the Liberal Democrats, Labour and SDLP have said they will vote against the triggering of Article 50. Judges at the High Court ruled Parliament would have a say in when and how the process is initiated.

Brexit, please follow the link to read more, thank you.