Last Week Of September

Butterflies & Hovers

……Although not in abundance or, species varieties,  Hoverflies have been around this summer, and as per the norm they are still quite active. Butterflies, well that is a totally different story, in fact in my part of the world its been disastrous, spring being more productive with the orange tip  being most abundant. The peacock was observed on numerous occasions in the spring period, along with the small tortoiseshell, all of the common  whites, and the holly blue. However as mention above summer was not a good time for Arthropoda in general, let alone butterflies and hover’s.

……So going with the post title what follows are some images of what have helped in achieving my quest for this last week of the ninth month of 2016.

Six days to go before the end of the month, end of my quest, love a painted lady to end with ☺

Daily Photo Challenge Quest

My Wildlife Art

Water Shrew – Neomys fodiens

Memories are all I have of this the UK’s largest shrew. Back in my late teenage years, (14 to 16), I lived on a farm in Wiltshire between the villages 0f Compton Bassett and Hilmarton. A small stream close to the farm supported what could be considered a dense population by modern day standards. Always on the lookout for kingfishes, my friend, and I walked the banks, even crawled on some occasions, in our, not often successful efforts to view this gem of a bird, we were however on most times rewarded by our stealth with sightings of a water shrew, or two, even grass snakes. We were never ever disappointed with our forays, and yes pictures were taken, sad to say not by me. I could ramble on for we made many exciting discoveries, our first owl pellets, to name but one, anyway not ever encountering a water shrew again, (since the mid 50’s up to the present) back in 1995 I was inspired to paint a picture of a most pleasant memory. I still have the memory, and the painting, and the memory you can view for free,  but the paintings not for sale.

My Art - Water Shrew
Water Shrew


Rove Beetles

Probably have more as at the time of taking they were not a main concern, that was Hemiptera, still is, and that’s the truth. As I was saying, I probably have more, I know for sure one is missing, one of the larger and more excitingly marked. I could put it by its self, when I find it, we’ll see? As thing stand a lot of these are not named, a job for a not so busy day, me thinks.

indet Platydracus stercorarius
Platydracus stercotarius


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Odd Ball’s


Pholcus phalangioides 3
Daddy Longlegs – Pholcus phalangioids – Cellar Spider


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge




A few odd balls here. Its the true Daddy Longlegs carrying her eggs with, I think, her pincers.

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8


Skegness Safari - 2013-08-19 - Luna Moth
Luna Moth


Camera details: Sony DSC – W35 set to macro.

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