The Daily Post- Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Cherry on Top

In 2007 I posted some images to Flickr for identification. They were of a very distinctive leafhopper from the Order: Hemiptera. Suborder: Cicadomorpha. Superfamily: Membracoidea. Family: Cicadellidae. Subfamily: Typhlocybinae. I was thinking that the Genus might well be Zygina, but not being sure, and not until after searching the then British list, and comparing photos, did I realise that it was not listed. So I was not surprised when Dr Joe Botting, a palaeontologist who had a great  interest  in Hemiptera, which  indeed led to him open 2 groups, one for Homoptera, what Cicadomorpha were known as back in the early 2000’s, the other group being Heteroptera, but that’s another story. Sorry for the little digression, had to establish Joe’s credentials. It was he who picked up on my upload, and along with some leafhopper* images of his own dispatched them post haste to Dr Alan Stewart the national recorder for Auchenorrhyncha** for determination. Well I should imagine that Joe was a tad taken aback, for the reply he received back from Alan went something along the lines of, *Never mind your images Joe, where were the other ones photographed and by whom”? Well I could tell Joe was excited, me, I was over the moon, for it turned out that I was only the third person to record this species since 2001, and that record was made in East, with a specimen caught in an insect trap way down in  the county of Kent. Mine was made in my garden, having tapped it off Yellow Flag Iris growing around the banks of my pond. Oh, the year of my record 2007, implying that it had gone 6 years unrecorded. The following is a copy of the online conservation Joe an myself had re my find. Continue reading “The Daily Post- Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top”